Beach Association Events & How they Work:
When?  Client picks the time & Date

Any Beach Association located on Lake Mi within 30 miles of Warren  Dunes State Park.

What Class or Event to Pick?

Bottomless Bucket Class: Using a set of buckets your group will learn how to make tall towers and then how to carve windows , doors & stairs. 20 sets of equipment is used to teach 20 groups. Groups can be made of 1 -5 people. Can be ran as a contest.
2 hr class is $400. If your group helps move equipment deduct $50

Custom Class:   The Sand Pirate can teach your group how to build a huge sand sculpture. Class are custom tailored to fit your needs.

I want to be a Mermaid Event: Use your head and arms to complete this mermaid sand sculpture. Great for photos. Always a crowd pleaser.
One mermaid $300 Two mermaids $400

Custom Event:
Hire a professional to do all the work and watch the fun. Pose with a big castle, sand serpent, Turtle, or what ever your group would like to see made out of sand.

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