Corporate Team Building

 Sand Sculpting Contest Event

All Events are custom tailored to fit your Companies needs. The Sand Pirate has been running team building events for over 7 years.

How This Event Works:

20 min.       Demonstration on the concepts of sand sculpting.

1½-2 hours
  Groups building their sand sculpture.  (Up to ten groups, and as many as 10 in a group)
20-40 min.     group talk about their sculpture & posing for pictures (This is when the
jugging is done).
 5 min.          Awarding of prizes.

 (group size effects timeline)


Equipment Used

Each group will have the following equipment;

2 adult shovels

1 black wrap form & 4 c- clamps

5 gal. bottomless bucket form & a 3gal. bottomless bucket form

Two 5gal. Water buckets & two 3gal. Water buckets.

Carving tools

 Spray bottle with glue & water mix (locks in moisture when finished sculpting)



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