Bike racing games have become one of the first choices of many gamers in all ages, from children to adults. These games are becoming more popular, thus a lot of new games have been launched every day to meet the demand of many speed enthusiasts.

Here are five out of the best online bike racing games, attracting thousands of players every single day.

1/ 3D Moto Simulator 2

If you want to ride a beautifully-designed bike on long highways and watch the awesome sceneries, you must try 3D Moto Simulator 2. The online game gives players a wonderful track where they can challenge their riding skills. Besides, there are various things to be done in this amazing motor game.

When playing this game, you can roam around the cities, visit interesting and engaging places, perform the death-defying stunts, and ride the bikes at the sandy deserts with many obstacles.

You can easily select the suitable bike to ride from various options, including powerful police bikes, cross bikes, and trials bikes.

Notably, you will have a map to explore the online motor game where you can test your ultimate driving skills and concentration.

You can also choose from numerous locations to ride, including a mountainous desert, a sprawling city complex, and the fine city.

2/ Motorbike Freestyle

Every cyclist wants to wear a crown of a motorbike racing. However, a few racers are lucky enough to achieve it. That is reason why many racers are keen on the virtual world to perform some new bike tricks. Motorbike Freestyle is one of the best bike racing games where you can become a top notch bike racer among varied social networks.

This game allows you to perform the super cool stunts like rotational backflips and original backflips. Especially, you must make sure to collect as much money as possible to keep your game going and ensure the championship in the end of the game.

Besides, with your money, you can upgrade the braking of your bike, power or speed as well. (To be continued)