Launched at the end of February this year, Om Nom: Run-Auto Runner Online game of ZeptoLabs and Koukoi Games has reached 20 million downloads.

Earlier this year, ZeptoLabs and Koukoi Games launched a smartphone autopilot game with the main character being a lovely little blue mascot named Om Nom. Recently, the title Om Nom: Run has crossed 20 million sales, demonstrating that the green monster already has a lot of momentum since it first appeared on cell phones 10 years ago.

This game was publicly released at the end of February and reached 10 million downloads in April. Then slowly increased from 10 million to 20 million, but still one of the games that attained amazing success, independent of the timeline.

Game Om Nom: Run is inspired by the Om Nom Stories: Super Noms universe, where the green monster and his pal Om Nelle are considered superheroes, fighting constantly against the villain Spider-Man.

With continuous running gameplay, players have to clear obstacles when gathering coins and gaining control at several game stages. Power boosters including missiles, hop boots and magnets can make stage completion faster.

In Om Nom: Run there is a minor adjustment at the start of the level, the player can drop a candy in the mouth of a small green monster to be insatiable. Players in the same world have previously overlooked this information and have focused on creating challenges and objects along the way. 

The game is now available in the App Store and Google Play

Om Nom: Run for Android is a fun never-ending running game where you can control the adorable Om Nom star of the Cut The Rope series. Your aim is to run around the city, gather coins and other items, and then use them to create your own home. 

The control scheme of the game Om Nom: Run is very similar to the games of the same genre: the players swipe their hands from side to side of the screen to move the character from left to right, swipe up to hop and swipe down. To curl up on the field. With just one finger, you’re going to have to try to clear all the obstacles along the way to grab as many coins as you can.