Billions of people spend at least one hour per day playing online games, from youngsters to grow-ups and even older adults. Although online games are associated with addictions, such games also bring various benefits for your health and brain. 

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Here are some of the reasons why you should play online games: 

1/ Better Decision Making

Online games include a variety of mental exercises. Therefore, sitting on the couch and think about how to win an online game is a great way to exercise your brain. Such games involve problem-solving components, so you need quick reflexes to solve them. Some research showed that playing online games is an excellent way to improve decision-making skills as such ability is strengthened during the gaming process. 

2/ Enhance Creativity

Online games encompass captivating and vivid graphics. Playing virtual games is a great way to help you enhance creativity. Most children are keen on the pictographic manner of learning, and most of them transform their learning via work of art.

3/ Boost Your Knowledge

Many people think that they could broaden their knowledge from reading books and traveling. You can also boost your comprehension by playing online games. For example, online games with real historical events and characters can drive the theme of their stories. Playing such online games can help you engage in learning history in the most exciting way.

4/ Make You Persevere

Skills and knowledge are very important in playing the most online games. However, to win the challenging games, you need a great amount of patience and perseverance. Therefore, playing online games will teach you a way to conquer the difficulties and challenges.  

5/ Endless Fun

Like movies, many online games are considered timeless classics and get remakes years after. It means that you can replay online games from your childhood on your brand new console. For example, new versions of online games such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil, and Spyro are released last year.