Top 10 of the best vampire games of all time that you should know (Part 3)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2002) Play on the main TV show would be incorrectly labelled, but Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2002) is an exception. The game takes place in the third season of the TV show, continuing the plot of season 1 with the return villain The Master. The gloomy environment of Sunnydale, the eccentric […]

Top 10 of the best vampire games of all time that you should know (Part 2)

Infamous: Festival Of Blood Infamous 2 centers around the lead character Cole MacGrath has the power to manipulate electrical current, but when the developer Sucker Punch revealed the MacGrath edition of the Festival Of Blood, many gamers were suspicious. It sounds pretty weird, but it’s perfect when I play it, buddy. The plot is told […]

Top 10 of the best vampire games of all time that you should know (Part 1)

Vampires have been featured in many media for a long time, including sports. Since it has an almost infinite scope, developers have consistently manipulated the subject of vampires and turned it into a number of various game genres. On the other hand, gamers are still really interested in the experience of being challenged or turned […]

The popularity of Online Games in 2020

Games are a vital part of human life. The development of technology has changed the way people play games. Games players have moved from bricks to clicks, from offline to online. Notably, 2020 has marked an unprecedented height of the online gaming industry, becoming one of the most lucrative industries worldwide. However, the popularity of […]

Suitable Multiplayer Games for Couples

During the coronavirus disease lockdown, traveling has been restricted. Many couples have chosen the playing of multiplayer games for entertainment. The followings are some suitable online games for couples. 1/ Words With Friends 2 If you and your partner are interested in playing with words, Words With Friends 2 is for you. Your task is […]