In the latest Free Fire update, weapons with special attachments will often appear with them by default, so you won’t have to locate the appropriate items anymore. 

Attachments are a pretty important part of Free Fire, they boost weapon stats, enabling gamers to customize their settings as needed. Every Royal Fighting game has this kind of system… Free Fire attachments, however, go a little further, with special arms attachments that can only be attached to some types of guns.

However, locating them to equip the specified weapons is a very time-consuming, very difficult job to get two unique things at random. That’s why Garena will be introducing this new Weapon Release” feature in the next update. 

In this post, we’ll list everything you need to know about this new feature.

About particular attachments 

There are 7 special attachments to Free Fire: 

Increased MP5 power: Increased fire rate 

M60 Spiral Charger: Increase accuracy and harm 

VSS Ripper Bullet: added bleeding 

M14 Rage Core: increase in the rate of fire 

Biometric range Kar98k: improved accuracy 

Plasma heating: increases the rate of burning 

AWM Armor Piercer: additional penetration capability of the armor 

Unlike traditional accessories, these special accessories are much more powerful and greatly boost weapons. The M14 Rage Center is possibly the best, driving the M14 to the top level on its own.

Introduction of the latest “Weapon Release” feature 

Seven of the above weapons will have a new edition, which will come with a special attachment by default. 

This will greatly improve the power and popularity of these weapons, as all special accessories are super powerful

Not long ago, Garena revealed a collection of new map photos added to Military Island, Tokyo and New York. They are situated near the Power Plant and the Hydropower Dam on this map, of course the NPH also adds a few new buildings or structures so that players can hide.

Immediately after the player upgrades Free Fire to the OB25 edition, the giant Boss Guardian Samurai can be seen in the new Tokyo place. He uses the katana as a knife, with incredibly sharp slashes that will take a lot of time. However you can form a squad with a few members to confuse and defeat the Samurai Boss Guardian.