During the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), parents have had much free time for their kids. The followings are online educational games and resources for parents and kids.

Gamestar Mechanic: Parents can help their video game-lovers to embrace tech skills through Gamestar Mechanic. The game allows young players to design and build their video games.

Math Blaster: Math Blaster is one of the most useful math games. This free game will make the learning match more fun for your young learners.

Manga High: Like Match Blaster, Manga High is an online game for students at a wide range of levels to learn math in a simple way. Although the basic games are free, the full suite will cost you.

Quest Atlantis: This educational game is a popular choice at schools across the world. When kids could not go to schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, Quest Atlantis will help the upper elementary and middle school kids to learn lessons from science to social issues.

Whyville: Kids can create an avatar, play educational games, and hang out with friends with Whyville. The young players have fun while doing it!

Minecraft: Minecraft is not only an educational game but also a nationwide phenomenon. This addictive game has captivated both parent and students thanks to creativity.

Ology: Built by the Museum of Natural History, Ology is an excellent resource for kids to learn about astronomy, genetics, biodiversity, paleontology, and more.

Gamequarium: Gamequarium provides kids with learning-based games with a wide range of skills and topics. The site helps middle schoolers and even a special section for homeschoolers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

FunBrain: This site has a dozen of learning games which kids will be keen on to play and learn from it. Thanks to the educational resource of FunBrain, the players can have chances of reading Arcade, Math Baseball, and Grammar Gorillas at home.