During the coronavirus disease lockdown, traveling has been restricted. Many couples have chosen the playing of multiplayer games for entertainment. The followings are some suitable online games for couples.

1/ Words With Friends 2

If you and your partner are interested in playing with words, Words With Friends 2 is for you. Your task is to create words out of available letters. You will get points based on the letter and word’s length for each correct word. It is a location-based game so you can view scores of other word players around you.

You can use your social media account to find your spouse or friends and invite them to play with you. The game also features a lightning mode to allow two teams of five players each against each other.

2/ Chess

If you and your partner are keen on mentally challenging each other, you can consider chess as the best choice. The chess app allows you to play against the computer and random people on the Internet. However, you can also play with your selected partner by adding him/her to your friend list.

Besides, you can chat with other players during the online playing. However, you cannot take back your move like you do when playing with the computer. Therefore, you should make sure the peace between you and your partner. 

3/ Song Pop 2

If you and your partner are fond of music, songs, and artists, Song Pop 2 is the best option. You can connect with your partner and challenge for a quick song quiz. The party mode allows multiple people to play at the same time. Therefore, it can be a great game for your small gathering. Besides, you can also connect your friends on Facebook and invite them over to play. 

4/ Tic Tac Toe

If you and your partner have a short time to play together, you should choose Tic Tac Toe, leaving you feeling nostalgic. Such two-player game will not last more than a few moments.

If you make three naughts or crosses in a single line, you will win.