Infamous: Festival Of Blood

Infamous 2 centers around the lead character Cole MacGrath has the power to manipulate electrical current, but when the developer Sucker Punch revealed the MacGrath edition of the Festival Of Blood, many gamers were suspicious. It sounds pretty weird, but it’s perfect when I play it, buddy. The plot is told from the viewpoint of the minor character Zeke, and the brothers can see how interesting MacGrath ‘s dominance is when paired with the vampire.

The Sims

You’re no stranger to The Sims, and the vampire character first appeared in the 2003 Makin ‘s Magic expansion pack- an integral part of this sequence. Since The Sims is an open game, as there are more vampires, the content is much more fascinating.

Legacy Of Kain

It’s been a while since the last Legacy of the Kain franchise, but those who’ve been fans will always be faithful to this game. The game has a pretty attractive plot, new characters, and innovative gameplay, so it’s no wonder that Legacy Of Kain has been popular in the community for many years to come. The first edition, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, was published in 1995 and received much acclaim for its captivating storytelling, intricate atmosphere, and music. So the series continues to release the post-production pieces, though a little “backward” but usually still warmly received by the gamers.


Many versions of Castlevania have been released, and almost every version is well received by gamers

This is known to be one of the most successful game series in history, incorporating stage elements, solving puzzles in a rather compelling manner. It also helped to popularize the Metroidvania genre due to its open framework, enabling you to easily sample the few games that could be played at the time. The game combines aspects of pop culture, suspense, folklore, and more, and has also helped Castlevania break into other fields, such as Netflix, the Castlevania show. However, Castlevania is best known for its “unforgiving” complexity and rich plot, which shows that the game still holds to its core principles.